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American Idol…Out!

Over the last week, rumors were rampant of the impending doom of The American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS). These rumors have now been confirmed. After our last visit, I will NEVER miss this show (see my take on AIE here). I’d like to think MouseBoss’ complaint caused the demise of this insult to the senses.


As the television version has waned in popularity, the park attraction has become somewhat long in the tooth. Each day three guests perform per show for the chance to move on to the finale at the end of the day. Contestants were given advice by real American Idol contestants including Fantasia Barino, Adam Lambert, and others. If you’re asking who those people are, that is exactly the reason this show is toast. The winner of the finale would receive a “dream ticket” for front of the line access at a local audition for the television version of American Idol. Three of the 2014 live show finalists were “dream ticket” recipients including my daughter’s favorite, Majesty. American Idol Experience winners will continue to be featured on AI through the 2015 season.

Read this piece from the Sentinel for more details.

The American Idol Experience occupies some prime real estate in the middle of the park just to the left of the Sorcerer’s Hat. The venue could house any marquee attraction.

Right now, the rumor mill is cranking on full that a new Star Wars Land will soon come to DHS – I’m not a major SW fan. In addition to losing AIE, the closure of Indiana Jones would happen well (that actually makes me sad). As the owner of Lucas Films and the upcoming releases of the space saga, Disney could certainly cash in on one of its most popular franchises. It would also be an answer to Universal’s Harry Potter expansion (IMHO – Star Wars has way more staying power than HP). Click here for a history of the Star Wars rumors courtesy of

As for now, American Idol Experience…out!


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Nerd Weekend…Just Kidding! It’s Star Wars Weekend Time

If Star Wars is your thing, get your butt to Disney Hollywood Studios this weekend.

My wife and I had the displeasure of accidentally showing up at one of these one year. Actually, lines for rides were short because men were dragging their entire families into lines to get autographs from Ewoks and pictures with movie props. In fact, If you ever want to see as many adult men dressed in children’s costumes, get to Star Wars Weekend. You won’t be disappointed.

Imagine outfits like this, but not nearly as cute

Sure, Star Wars has played an integral role in the park for years, but they burn down the house and go all out for this event. It’s really not my thing (if you couldn’t tell), but I will provide you with all the details you need.

Anna getting her nerd on

WHEN: Every weekend day starting today, May 16, running through June 15.

WHERE: Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

WHAT: Star Wars Weekend

Park admission is required (that’ll be $94, please)

I really can’t stomach the research on Obi Won and JaJa Binks, so if you really want all the details, I found this tremendous article. Oh dear Lord, here it is from IGN Entertainment (online media for “adult” men interested in video games and all things fantasy): Walt Disney World Is Set for Their Biggest Star Wars Weekend Yet.

So, my dear Padawans, may the FORCE be with you!!!

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