Elsa Dress Giveaway Entry 3: Jared (for his sister)

Dear Mouse Boss,
I was making a video of a clay Elsa and my iPad crashed. I lost the video. My mom said I could use her iPad to email you. I will attach the only picture my mom snapped. This is my story.
I am 12 years old and when my mom told us about the challenge I asked my brother to work with me to make a video clip using clay figures of Elsa. I want to win the dress for my little sister. She is 5. She loves Frozen and loves to sing all of the songs from the show. When I was home sick from school she watched it with me. She always asks me to watch the movie with her. I thought it would be great if Jake and I worked together on this project. We even wrote a few lines to the song do you want to build a snowman.
Hey Jake.
Do you want to win an Elsa dress?
Hey come on let’s give a try.
We can work together
We’ll do our best.
Hey do you want to win it for Lou?
Come on let’s try.
She can dance around the kitchen or prance right down the hall…
Hey Jake do you want to help me with it?
OK let’s try!
I am bummed about my iPad crashing. Please don’t tell my mom I sent this. She doesn’t know.

20140526-082736-30456131.jpg 20140323-184839.jpg

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    1. Jared has always been one to share whatever he has. He is amazing when it comes to kindness and thoughtfulness. Has always been a helper…he has a huge heart! ❤️


    1. Jared and Jake worked on the clay part together and were making up lines to the song. It was so fun watching them. Jared asked me for my iPad to email Mouse Boss the picture in hopes that he would have a shot….hope he wins!


  1. My middle…thank you for always being the one to put others first. Your kind soul and gentle spirit are amazing and make you a beautiful person inside as well as out. I love you for always.


    1. Cathy my middle is just the same as he has always been…a heart of gold and thinks of others. I hope he never changes. ❤️ Thank you!


  2. Thank you to all our friends and friends of friends for liking and sharing and commenting. Our boy stole our hearts 12+ years ago. He is amazing, kind, wonderful and spirited. He has been a joy…most of the time. It all comes down to tonight at the stroke of midnight…we shall see if he won. Thank you for helping out! We shall see what the am brings!


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