Nerd Weekend…Just Kidding! It’s Star Wars Weekend Time

If Star Wars is your thing, get your butt to Disney Hollywood Studios this weekend.

My wife and I had the displeasure of accidentally showing up at one of these one year. Actually, lines for rides were short because men were dragging their entire families into lines to get autographs from Ewoks and pictures with movie props. In fact, If you ever want to see as many adult men dressed in children’s costumes, get to Star Wars Weekend. You won’t be disappointed.

Imagine outfits like this, but not nearly as cute

Sure, Star Wars has played an integral role in the park for years, but they burn down the house and go all out for this event. It’s really not my thing (if you couldn’t tell), but I will provide you with all the details you need.

Anna getting her nerd on

WHEN: Every weekend day starting today, May 16, running through June 15.

WHERE: Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

WHAT: Star Wars Weekend

Park admission is required (that’ll be $94, please)

I really can’t stomach the research on Obi Won and JaJa Binks, so if you really want all the details, I found this tremendous article. Oh dear Lord, here it is from IGN Entertainment (online media for “adult” men interested in video games and all things fantasy): Walt Disney World Is Set for Their Biggest Star Wars Weekend Yet.

So, my dear Padawans, may the FORCE be with you!!!

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