Disney’s Hollywood Studios Gets Sexy…IN A VERY BAD WAY!

A new attraction has made it on to my “SKIP IT” list.

On our last trip, our 7 year old really couldn’t wait for the American Idol Experience. She loves all the talent competitions on television (of course, she’s 7). We knew she would enjoy it tremendously…and she did. Dad, here, not so much. In fact our experience was so bad, I filed a complaint at Guest Services. More on that later.


We went to the 1:15 showing on April 21. The crowd for the show was moderate. There were 3 contestants and all had lovely voices for what I am sure is a nerve wracking moment. The first two contestants were middle aged and probably ineligible for the the television version of the show. The third and final singer was a 17 year old girl from Chicago. That will prove to be an important piece of the story. I still remember her name as it was a lovely Irish moniker.

Of the three, I felt the 17 year old was the best (as did the audience because she won). My daughter, expert in all matters of talent competition, disagreed. She sang a lovely version of Breakaway. During the critique of her performance, the Simon impersonator made the most inappropriate comment I have ever heard at Walt Disney World. To my utter disgust, the asshole (really can’t think of a better description) tells a 17 year old minor that it’s fitting she hails from the Windy City because her “performance BLOWS.”

WHAT…THE…HELL!!! The collective gasp from the crowd was immediately telling.

Listen, I’m from Boston and we say worse to pedestrians in crosswalks, but this is obscene. Sexual innuendo lobbed at children in front of little children is just plain old nasty. As I said, the only thing I can think of to describe him is an asshole. Yes, I am responding to coarse language with foul language, but adult men shouldn’t make sexually suggestive language to minor girls in front of children and grandparents for shock value, ASSHOLE!

Anyway, in one show, I turned into some sort of sanctimonious and righteous warrior for wholesome family entertainment. I marched to Guest Services to formally record my horror, shock, ire and disgust. My age now exceeds all of the Cast Members in Guest Services, so they probably had a good laugh at my tirade when I left but I could care less. I asked the Cast Member to write this phrase word for word, “if I were comfortable with entertainment like this, I would vacation at Universal Studios.”

Congrats, MouseBoss. You are an old man!
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  1. Have you been through the stitch ride at MK. It also is tasteless and rude. Not sure how they could allow this ride to exist everyday. I must be old too because crap like that should never be a ride.


  2. “Listen, I’m from Boston and we say worse to pedestrians in crosswalks” – fellow Bostonian here and this made me smile 🙂 Good for you! I would have been just as offended if I had experienced that. You did the right thing!


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